Friday 1 August 2014

Milestone Memories

Good Morning / Afternoon Everyone!
Today I would like to share with you a project on how to make a Memory board for a Milestone Birthday!

The two Boards above are ones I created first. The 21st one has ribbon at the top so can be used a hanger, the 18th birthday one is in a Frame!
The one I am going to show you in more detail is on a canvas board. There is also a video for you to check out on my YOUTUBE channel!

I started this project off with a 12" x 16" Canvas Board which was then covered with a piece of patterned paper and glued in place with Mod Podge. (Then left to dry)!
I next stuck down with double sided tape a plain pink piece of card stock leaving a boarder of the patterned paper showing!
Next I glued down a piece of "waste" paper that I had cut flowers from with my cricut. (I really liked the way it looked when all the flowers were taken off and wanted to use it in some way).
Next I cut out the numbers 1 & 6 and glued them in place. I cut out a further set of numbers for people to sign which can be glued down over the other ones at a later date!
I then cut out photo frames to show where photos of the celebration could go!
A die cut sentiment "Sweet was added to the top left side of the board and Handmade flowers were added to finish the board off!

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