Friday 1 August 2014

Lotus Flower using Origami

Good Evening fellow crafters!
I have a quick photo tutorial to show you on how to make an Origami Lotus Flower!

Luke, a friend of my son showed me how to make it and I have taken photos at each step!

As he was making it, I had a "light bulb"moment!
This would make a brilliant coaster for my icy drink I thought! (Has anyone else ever done this? I don't believe I am the first person to think of it)!

Anyway, here is how to make it and what you need:-
One Napkin
Flat Surface
Drinking Glass

Take one Napkin and open it up flat on the table!
*Fold each corner into the middle of the square

*Once all four corners are folded do the same thing again!

*Do the same thing again for a 3rd time!

*Turn the napkin over and fold all four corners into the middle again!

*Now, place the folded napkin onto an up turned glass.

*Gently pull each petal down, keep going around all four corners, and all levels!

Once you have pulled down all the petals, turn the flower over a nd place your glass into the middle.
No more water drips when you have cold icy drinks!

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