You don't have to have a Google account to subscribe or follow my blog! Go to the 'home' page and on the right hand side you will see a 'Subscribe to my Blog' heading; simply enter your email address to receive updates of my latest blog posts! 

If you do have a Google account, you can actually follow my blog - you will receive notifications on Google+. Also you'll see my latest blog posts on your blogger news feed. 

I would love you to both subscribe and follow my blog! (If you can!)


My blog offers lots of various methods of which you can use to comment and interact with my blog. 

To comment, click on the 'comment' button at the bottom of the desired blog post. You'll notice a drop down menu from which you can choose how you wish to comment. 

If you have a Google account you can select this option from the menu. If you don't and wish to not be nameless, select 'NAME/URL'. However, if you do wish to remain anonymous - feel free to use this option! 

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