Monday 15 April 2019

A little Mid Century Modern Card Making.

Hello there, so quite a few things have been happening over the last month which has kept me busy and I haven't had time to do any blogging so without further ado here is a quick tutorial for a card I created for the IndigoBlu show on 11th April on Hochanda.
Mike Deakin designed these stamp sets and I have to say that once I started using them I kept coming up with more and more ideas. 
If you would like to watch the shows yourself you should be able to watch them online for the next week. 11am Show & 3pm Show

I have called this my Delta Card 

Materials used
Mid Mod 1 & 2 Stamp Set
Matt Paints - Rouge, Grandma’s Teacup, Apricot Blush
FlitterGlu & Chariots of Fire Mega Flake, Scoochie
Phat Foam
Thin Tip Black Pen
White Stamping card, Black Card, Card Base
Post it notes, Ruler, Black Ink Pad
-For the front panel I cut out a 5” x 8” piece of white card
TIP-I stamped out the main shape from MM1 (the Delta or Arrowhead onto a stack of three post it notes), and cut them out so that I could make a rough template of where I wanted to place them. (This also helps when you are not sure what size panel of card you need).

-Make up a paint pad of each paint colour with a small piece of Phat Foam and spread a small amount of paint into the foam. Using one colour at a time, stamp out the Delta shape, one colour under the other leaving a small space between cleaning off the paint between colours. (Clean your stamp well, after you finish)!
-When the shapes are dry, use your ruler and black pen to draw a line to connect them all together. Draw a large dot on each end of the line.
-Using the MM2 stamp set, take the smaller circle and a black ink pad and stamp once over each of the coloured shapes.
-Going back to the MM1 set choose a sentiment and use a post it note to mask off a couple of the lines to enable you to stamp one line at a time onto sections of your card front.
- Now make up a glue pad with the Flitterglu, just as you did with paint and stamp out some of the smaller Atomic Starburst shape. Leave these to become really tacky (no sigh of white glue) then cover the images with the Mega Flakes. Rub the flake into the images and rub away excess flake. Take the Scoochie and rub over the flaked images to define the shapes. 

Put any spare flakes back into the pot.
-Round the corners of the decorated panel then Mat onto black card and a card blank rounding these corner as well.
Eveything you need to create this card can be found on the IndigoBlu Website.

If you have any questions or help, please let me know. 

Happy Crafting, Sue  xx

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