Saturday, 25 October 2014

Card Swap Challenge Group's Creations! 'Sharing Time'

Good Evening to you all,
Tonight I wanted to share with you some of the creations the Card Swap Group have produced for the last Swap!
The criteria was to create a card for this months Swap around the ' Four Seasons'!
The card had to be:-
5" x 5"
Have four panels on the card. One panel per season! (Any Shape you like)!
The design had to include
* Embossing powder
* Diamond Gem/s
* Something Gold
* Stamped Image/s

So here are the cards! I have also added the members Blog addresses if they have one! 
This was the card I created!

Gill Ingram was the designer behind this card! Its bright and alive! Unfortunately she doesn't have a blog!

This card was created by Tracy May and it was her first swap with the group! Check out all the little cutouts and the lovely papers for each seasons! Check out Tracy's blog

This card was sent out by Sam Sweetlove! I totally agree when she wrote that the group all had the same remit but each card was so different!
Here is the link to Sam's Blog:-

This next card was created by Maria! From the photo I can see that the panels have been cut out of patterned paper and certain elements have been layered on top!
Here is the link to Maria's blog:- http:

This card is from Marie-Christine and i'm sure by now you have guessed she is French!

This next card is by Christine and a different take again on the challenge!

The card below is by Jacqueline and she has gone with the theme of using the same tree and the changes that happen to it through the seasons!
Find her blog here!

Thanks for joining the group ladies and letting me share your creations.! Looking forward to seeing what you create for the next swap! xx

If you would like to join in the monthly swap, please get in touch with me for more details!
Happy Crafting, xx

Monday, 13 October 2014

Colouring,Stamping with Inks to change your White Ribbons

Hello There and Welcome to my Craft Blog!
Today I have been 'Playing' with my stash of white Ribbons and a couple of different types of Inks.

This all came about as I was thinking about Christmas and what colours I was going to be using this year! Looking through my ribbons I realized that I had collected quite a lot of plain white in different  types and thought about ways I could add colour, stamp images to make bespoke Ribbon for my Christmas Projects.

So after trying out a couple of different ink techniques to change the colour of my Ribbon, I came up with a comparison list showing which Ribbons I think works better for this technique.

So please take a look at the video I made to show you a couple of the ink techniques I used and check out my Comparison List.

Happy Crafting,
Sue xx

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Christmas is coming.........................................

Good Evening Everyone,
Well, I am nearing 50 Videos on my Crafting Tips from Me to You and I still have so many ideas but not enough time to put them all to tape as I don't want to go over a 10 minute video daily!
With Christmas looming close I will be dedicating the weekend videos to bring you Christmas Crafting Tips!

Today I decided to start off my Christmas Tips by making a couple of Telescoping Cards. (Check out Tip 47 for more details on materials used and how to make this card)!

The card itself is to give you a starting point and to let your creativity bloom! So many colours and designs to choose from!

Chat to you again tomorrow!

Happy Crafting
Sue xx

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Wondrous Wreath Acetate Fold Card

Good Evening Everyone,
Well I have been busy making my Videos and the last couple were on the theme of Autumn!

 I have been using the Wondrous Wreath Set by Stampin up quite a lot over the last few days and I still haven't used all the stamps as yet, as some are really just for Christmas!

My latest video number 43 was using the Wreath I had created using Embossing powders to 'Paint' it!
(Check out Video 42, to see what that is all about)!

Here are all the items I used to create the card above! 
For more details please check out my video in Crafting Tips from Me to You!(You will find the videos on the headings bar)!

Thank you for stopping by tonight!
Happy Crafting xx

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Magic Wallet (Short Video)!

Good Evening Everyone,
I was sorting through some of my old swaps today and came across this one which has always fascinated me, so I asked my daughter to do a hand video so I could share it with you!
I hope you like the idea of the card as much as I do!

Happy Crafting xx

Friday, 3 October 2014

Dazzling Diamonds Napkin Technique

Hello there,
Today I have a Technique to share with you on how to put together a,
 'In a Hurry' Greetings Card!

How many times have you needed to send a greetings card out in a hurry but don't have the time to spare to make a Wow card, well I think you might just like this idea!

Napkins come in so many different designs and colours and can be used to make wonderfully quick cards! No need to get out your stamps and inks for this one!

So, here is what you will need to make this type of card!

* Napkin
* Card base & Card -Stock for layering
* Double Sided Adhesive Sheet & a piece of Card the same size!
* VersaMark
* Heat & Stick Powder
* Dazzling Diamonds
*Snail Adhesive / Tombo Glue
* Framelits to Die Cut your Napkin (If you want a different shape)& Die Cut machine
* Heat Gun
* Sentiment Stamp Set & Ink  if needed

What to do!
(Check out my Me to You  Video Crafting Tip 39)!
Cut the adhesive sheet, card stock & napkin to the size you need! 

The napkin will be made up of three layers, take away the 2 plain layers! Hold on to these as they will come in useful of cleaning up spill, cleaning your clear block, cleaning your hands etc!

Take the adhesive sheet and remove the top protective layer and attach it to the card stock. Then take off the other protective layer and lay the napkin on top, smoothing it out on the card!

Use the VersaMark pad to lay down the ink all over the napkin!

Sprinkle the heat and stick powder all over the napkin, taking off the excess powder,then use your heat gun to melt the powder!

Once the powder has all melted (the napkin image will look vibrant) sprinkle Dazzling Diamonds over the napkin! Again take off any excess!

Take your heat gun again to the napkin to reheat the powders! The DD will start to shimmer slightly when you do this!

Put your napkin to one side and get your card base ready, stamp out a sentiment!

Your napkin should be cool by now so if you want to, you can put it through your die cut machine or just trim the napkin down to size!

Attach it to your card base, add the sentiment and you have a card ready to send!

As the adhesive sheets come in a 12"x12" size, and some napkins fold out to the same size you could make a batch of cards in one go! 
Just cut the finished napkin to the sizes you require!

If you would like to order any of the above items above please contact me!
Happy Crafting xx