Monday 13 October 2014

Colouring,Stamping with Inks to change your White Ribbons

Hello There and Welcome to my Craft Blog!
Today I have been 'Playing' with my stash of white Ribbons and a couple of different types of Inks.

This all came about as I was thinking about Christmas and what colours I was going to be using this year! Looking through my ribbons I realized that I had collected quite a lot of plain white in different  types and thought about ways I could add colour, stamp images to make bespoke Ribbon for my Christmas Projects.

So after trying out a couple of different ink techniques to change the colour of my Ribbon, I came up with a comparison list showing which Ribbons I think works better for this technique.

So please take a look at the video I made to show you a couple of the ink techniques I used and check out my Comparison List.

Happy Crafting,
Sue xx

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