Saturday 25 October 2014

Card Swap Challenge Group's Creations! 'Sharing Time'

Good Evening to you all,
Tonight I wanted to share with you some of the creations the Card Swap Group have produced for the last Swap!
The criteria was to create a card for this months Swap around the ' Four Seasons'!
The card had to be:-
5" x 5"
Have four panels on the card. One panel per season! (Any Shape you like)!
The design had to include
* Embossing powder
* Diamond Gem/s
* Something Gold
* Stamped Image/s

So here are the cards! I have also added the members Blog addresses if they have one! 
This was the card I created!

Gill Ingram was the designer behind this card! Its bright and alive! Unfortunately she doesn't have a blog!

This card was created by Tracy May and it was her first swap with the group! Check out all the little cutouts and the lovely papers for each seasons! Check out Tracy's blog

This card was sent out by Sam Sweetlove! I totally agree when she wrote that the group all had the same remit but each card was so different!
Here is the link to Sam's Blog:-

This next card was created by Maria! From the photo I can see that the panels have been cut out of patterned paper and certain elements have been layered on top!
Here is the link to Maria's blog:- http:

This card is from Marie-Christine and i'm sure by now you have guessed she is French!

This next card is by Christine and a different take again on the challenge!

The card below is by Jacqueline and she has gone with the theme of using the same tree and the changes that happen to it through the seasons!
Find her blog here!

Thanks for joining the group ladies and letting me share your creations.! Looking forward to seeing what you create for the next swap! xx

If you would like to join in the monthly swap, please get in touch with me for more details!
Happy Crafting, xx


  1. Thanks for showing our group designs on your blog Sue. Looking forward to our next challenge swap.
    Christine xx

    1. Really pleased you are enjoying the Card Swap Christine! Looking forward to seeing your next creation! x

  2. Replies
    1. Your cards are lovely Marie-Christine! Looking forward to seeing the next one xx


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