Tuesday 18 November 2014

Christmas is Coming....... Time to decorate the Tree!

Hello There,
Well the last couple of weeks here at the homestead have been pretty busy with a lot of DIY projects underway. My husband also decided to put more insulation in the attic so I haven't had much time to craft!
So over the weekend after a surprise visit from my daughter, I decided I had better get back into my Craft Studio and Create!
Here is what I have created to share with you! (There is also a video to go alongside the instructions)!

  Vellum Flameless Candle Lanterns for the Tree or Table!

List of Materials needed!
1 piece of Vellum Card Stock ( Measures 9" x 4" or 22.9cm x 10.2cm)
1 piece of Card Stock (Measures 2" x 2" or 5.1cm x 5.1cm) for the inside of the base of the Lantern to stick your candle to.
Glue Dots
Score Board & Score Tool (or a thick wad of paper or mouse pad)
Bone Folder
Ruler & Pen
1 Flameless Candle

Extra's to decorate the Lantern 
Embossing Folder
Boarder Punch 
Coloured Inks
Die Cuts

Important Info!

If you choose to decorate your Vellum with Stamps and Inks, now is the time to do this before you score the lines so that you get an even stamped image!
If you want to emboss the Vellum, score before so that you get straight score lines!
2. Score first along the 9" side. 3/4"-3 1/2" - 5 1/2" - 8 1/4"
3. Turn your Vellum and score on the 4" side at 1" & 3"
4. From the middle section of your Lantern, measure 1" (2.5 cm) outwards on the both top and bottom sections.
Score diagonally from that 1" point into the middle point on all 4 corners! (See above)!

                                    5. Use your bone folder to crease all the score lines!

                          6.  Use the ruler to help you crease those diagonal score lines

7. Fold in the Top and Bottom score lines on the 9" Length of  Vellum, then fold back the                                                             diagonal lines as in the photo!

                         8.  Use the folded boarder lines to match up the center box lines!

                                9.  Use the Bone Folder to crease the inside of the box!

                        10.  If needed, use the Bone Folder again to crease all the folds! 

              11. If you want to use a boarder Punch on the top edge now is the time to do it!

 12. Use a glue dot to hold the candle in place on the piece of 2" x 2" card, then place inside the Lantern!

Here is another Lantern I made with Patterned Paper and Die Cuts! 



  1. Wow Sue - these are stunning - great tutorial too will certainly have a go at making these - Jacqueline xx

  2. Hello Jacqueline, Thanks for checking out the tutorial and leaving me your comment! So pleased you like the lanterns! Happy Crafting, Sue xx


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