Sunday 17 August 2014

Altered Cotton Purse

Good Afternoon Everyone,
Here is a project I have been working on and when I shared some photos on Facebook I receive quite a number of comments so thought I would share with you how to create a purse of your own!
Front View

Back View

Altered Purse
Materials and Equipment Needed
·         Cotton Purse
·         White Gesso  
·         2 Paintbrush’s 1 x thick brush / Flat head size 1"
                                     1 x thin brush for use in softening the coloured in images
·         Glue and Seal
·         StaZon Ink
·         Stamps
·         Derwent Pencils
·         Paint Brush & Water
·         Ribbon, Buttons, Thread, extra Cotton Material
·         Piece of card the size of the case you are altering!
·         Iron & Paper

What to do next!
If you have a spare piece of cotton material, paint it with gesso a couple of times and you can use this as a practice piece to stamp on before you start stamping on your purse!
Make sure the purse you are altering is smooth before painting! If it has creases in it, give it an iron to smooth it out! The reason for this, is to have a flat surface to stamp on!
OK, ready to start!

(If you want to, cut a piece of paper the same size and shape of your purse, then design a layout of where you want your stamped images to go).

Onto the Purse

·         Place the piece of card inside the purse before you start painting! This stops the paint going through and sticking the purse together.

·         Paint one side of the purse and let it dry. Turn the purse over and paint the other side! Paint both sides again!
(This helps to make the surface of the cotton flatter to get a better stamped image)!

·         Once the purse is completely dry you can start stamping!
Just remember you won’t get a crisp image if you try and stamp too close to the edge of the purse where the hems are, as it is double material!

·         Use StaZon ink to stamp your images as this ink is permanent! Give the ink time to dry completely! About 10 mins!

·         Use the pencils to add colour to your stamped images. (You can soften the colours a little by using a damp not wet paintbrush to go over the colours! (Clean the brush between colour changes)!

·         When you have finished stamping and colouring leave the purse to dry over night!

·         Iron the purse with a dry medium heat iron, (no steam) between a piece of clean white paper (This stops the images from being transferred to your ironing board)!

·         Let the purse cool then paint a layer of Glue and Seal on both sides! Leave to dry for a good 4/6 hours! Better if you can leave overnight!

·         Decide what type of embellishments you want to sew onto the purse! Sewing on ribbon, beads, buttons etc!

·         On the Purse I posted on Facebook, I used the practice material to stamp and colour the same butterfly I stamped on the purse to make a 3D image on the purse!

                                              Pearl Flat buttons sewn on with brown cotton
Butterfly stamped and coloured on cotton material then cut out to form a 3D element to the Purse

Good Luck and Happy Crafting!

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