Monday 13 November 2017

Woodland Fairy House

Hello to you. 
On Saturday my friend and I pack ourselves a lunch, dug out our aprons and took ourselves off to Amelia's Creative Crafts at Studley to take part in a Powertex workshop.

Gill and I didn't know what to expect as we knew very little about Powertex  but we had a great time. 
As soon as we arrived at the shop, Nicky made us feel very welcome and we were able to have a look around the shop and chat to a few people before we started the workshop. Holly, Nicky's daughter, did a brilliant job making everyone a hot drink while Tracy and Nicky finished getting everything ready for us to start.

Once sat down to start, placed in front of us was a Jar, Lace, (which Tracy had spend hours ruffling), Cotton Material, Embellishments, Foil, Masking Tape and of course some Powertex. I chose the bronze/brown to work with.

 Building up the jar lid to create the roof of the house with foil and masking tape
Next step was to cut up the cotton material ready to dip into the Powertex and cover the jar and then the roof. 
 This next bit was messy so I quickly took one of Gill dipping her material into the Powertex  and didn't have a chance to take photos of the next few steps. 
The jars had now taken on the appearance of fairy houses and they were taken off to the dryer to harden. Gill and I ate our lunches and took the opportunity to do a little retail therapy.

  Amelia's is a real crafty Aladdin's cave. Not only do they sell fab products but everywhere you look, you can't help but feel inspired.
I had a little retail therapy, well it would have been rude not to! I think you might guess what my next new craft sessions will be about.
The afternoon session was then spent painting our little houses. There were some really fab houses coming to life, all shapes and sizes created by very talented ladies.

Nicky took us through the ways in which we could colour the house's using the varnish and powder colours or the sprays which were great for the use on the white Powertex houses.
Below are some photos I managed to take during the painting session. As you can see everyone was totally engrossed!

Thank you to Nicky and her team for arranging this workshop, I really loved it.

Here is my finished Woodland Fairy House. Pretty sure there will be a village soon. 
Watch this space. 

Bye for now and Happy Crafting.
Sue xx

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