Thursday 16 November 2017

First Dirty Pour / Flip Cup using the New IndigoBlu Alchemy Kit and Paint Colours

Hello there, today I have a quick and easy blog post to share with you, especially those of you who have just received your kit and haven't done anything like this before. 
Here I will be giving you a quick run through of the basics of using the New Acrylic Pouring Alchemy Set.
Kay's shows will also be on the Hochanda website on re-wind until 25th November
 This is what you will get in the box the kit arrives in, plus an instruction sheet and pairs of gloves.
Also a couple of extra things to remember. This can be a messy craft, so cover your work area and have a cloth or kitchen paper at the ready to clean your hands off.

The bottle of Cell-U-Like is like a little bottle of magic. This is what will create those wonderful Cells. 

 Within the kit you get coasters which will need to give a coat of Gee-Soo-Good before you do any pouring, so that you seal the surface. Some different size canvases and three bottles of the lush new paint colours.

 Grab yourself some of the shot glasses from the kit and add 1tsp of paint per glass

 Give the bottle of Go-Flow a good shake then add 2tsp of it to the shot glass for each colour you use

Give the paint and Go-Flow a good stir together with the lolly sticks. As Kay suggested I snapped mine in half.

 Add water to the mixture if needed. (If you mix the paint in advance, you may find the paint has thickened up when you go to use them and that's fine, just add some more water from the dropper until you have the right consistency 

Mix until you have consistency of Single Cream. The paint should flow off the stick

 For this pour I mixed up some white using the same amounts of paint and Go-Flow as above

 Take out a foil tray and put 4 glasses inside, then place your canvas on top of the glasses

 I used another shot glass to layer my paint colours into,(so you can see the layers of colour) but you can use the larger paper cup that comes in the kit.

Gloves at the ready and at this stage I added 3 drops of Cell-U-Like to the yellow paint

 I poured my paint into the shot glass in layers along with some white

 I then flipped the shot glass onto the middle of the board and left it a few minutes and voila, a beautiful puddle of lushness.(I left the glass on the side of the canvas to get every last drop of paint out!

 I then grabbed my blow torch to see if I would get some extra cells and also to pop any little bubbles. If you don't have a blow torch, and I know a lot of people don't, it doesn't really matter. ( I find that the burst of hot heat works really well and that's why I use one)
A hot craft gun will work as well, but don't use anything to powerful as it will blow the paint right off your canvas or just leave a thin layer of paint.

Then tip and tilt the canvas until the canvas is covered. Then leave to dry, making sure your pour on a flat surface! (See the pubbles of paint under the canvas, leave these to dry out and you can use the 'Paint Skin' in other projects. Thats another blog post!

 Here are a couple of close ups of the canvas once tilted

 Now once your canvas is dry, around 24 hours for the small canvas, you may find that it has darkened and that pattern may have changed slightly but that's normal. Once completely dry, you can give the canvas a couple of coats of varnish to bring the colours back to life. (Think of what happens to sea shells when they are wet. You get the beautiful colours but when they have dried out the colour has dulled. Put then in water again and the colours pops back)! Thought that might help you understand why it happens to your pour, or maybe not!
 I decided to add some embossing to this pour so I mixed up some Black Gee-Soo-Good with SuperThick Slap-it-on

 I decided to add the word Cherish as well and once dry gave the whole canvas another coat of varnish

If you are using the New Alchemy kit I hope you have as much fun as I am.
Happy Dirty Pouring
Sue xx

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