Tuesday 26 September 2017

Gift Wrapping - by using your recycled food cans

This weekend I had a bit of fun joining in the 'Weekend Womble' on the Facebook group Junk journals junkies and Mindful Art. You have to re-cycle something you have in the house or something you find when out and about.
As you can see from the photo below I re-used a food can.
*Please be warned that this craft does have sharp parts and should NOT be given to a child.

So go ahead and open one of those pull tag cans at the bottom. Its best to use a can opener that doesn't leave sharp edges.

Take out the food (I ate mine for lunch) and wash out the can and lid in hot soapy water, taking care not to cut yourself. Also dry thoroughly.

Cut out a circle that will fit into the can so that you can write your message on it. You will also need the gift you want to put inside the can and some tissue paper or shred's of wrapping paper.

Place the message upside down into the can so that when the can is opened its the first thing to be seen then add a layer of tissue.

Add the gift then more tissue paper. Add another message or just a plain circle of card.

Add a thick layer of strong wet glue around the edge of the can lid keeping it close to the edge.

Put the lid back onto the can lining it up well so it sits level. Put something heavy on top to weigh it down until the glue dries. Best to leave overnight.

Just to make doubly sure the lid was well attached,  I went around the joint with some Glossy Accents.

I then went on to decorate the can. I decided to use some patterned paper so cut a strip that fitted around the size of the can, two thin strips, which I turned over to use the white side to decorate around the top and bottom edges and two different size circles to fit the lid. 
Make sure that the larger circle sits in the middle of the lid under the pull tab. The smaller circle needs to have a notch cut out of it so it sit neatly under the pull tab.

I painted the lid with white Gess-Soo-Good before adding the paper to cover up the metal.

Once the white layer was dry I painted it over with Lime Marmalade Acrylic paint

Finish off decorating the can and tie a piece of ribbon through the pull tab along with a gift tag.
The recipient opens the can by pulling up the ribbon and pulling back the pull tag.
I hope you enjoy making some of these for yourself xx

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