Monday 15 August 2016

Luscious Pigment Powders By IndigoBlu

Hello all,
Today I would like to introduce ways to use "Luscious" powders by IndigoBlu and if you haven't heard of them yet I urge you to watch my video as they have so many possibilities.

They are filled with rich pigments and mica which makes them so special. They also have an inbuilt binder which is activated when water is added to them or when you use them with slap-it-on, embossing paste, inks. 
TIP: The one thing I have found is that if you "Dust" the powders over your project you will need to activate the binder by spraying it lightly with water.

You could also try spraying your card first with water, sprinkle Luscious Powders over and watch the colours spread out.

I was sent six pots of this magic powder to "play" with and they are so much fun with so many uses. 
You can do so many crafty things with them and so far I have only just scratched the surface. 
The shimmer you get from these powders really make anything you make with them pop and shine.
The powders can also be added to the English Cottage Paints & Gee-Soo-Good. You won't get the shine come through but you can make some different lush colours.
I felt it was easier to make a video to show you some of the different techniques I have used so far with the Luscious powders.

Here are some examples of how I used them on different projects that I made for Kay Halliwell-Sutton's Hochanda show when the Luscious Powders were introduces a few weeks ago.

 Luscious Powders use to bring colour to this re-cycled jar. I also used the powders to paint the shrink charms I made.
 Several techniques used on this canvas. Background was stamped with VersaMark then Luscious powders dusted over the top. Luscious added to Super Thick slap it on and put through a stencil. The New "Owl always love you" stamp image was water-colored with the powders.
The "Owl" was stamped out and embossed then painted with the Luscious powders.

This tag card has been embossed with paste. Different colour powders were added before the paste was used with a stencil. More painting on the Poppy Heart.

This piece was first started by the Luscious powder being mixed with Kroma Crackle and spread around the outside of the canvas. Colours were added to ST slap-it-on and spread through a stencil. The Poppy Heart was stamped several times onto Modeling Film, painted, then the film was softened by a heat gun so that I could mold them into a flower for the center of the canvas.

Several techniques were again used on this card, can you see which ones?
Just look at the luster coming from the colours!
Come back soon, until then,
Happy Crafting xx

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  1. Wow, loving these powders, great demo love how you can use to colour embossing powders


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