Tuesday 5 July 2016

Sliding Camera Card Tutorial

Hello there,
I'm back today to share a tutorial I have been meaning to film for a while now.

I made a Sliding Camera Card for my daughters friend a while back, took a short video of how it worked and popped it on YouTube and couldn't believe how many people had viewed it. So I have shared a tutorial on how I put it all together. 

Because this card was for the video I kept it fairly simple.
 So this card was a bit of a backwards card for me.
 The camera and sliding film strip was what I was concentrated on in the video,  I then decorated the card after I had finished filming.

Here is the link to my You Tube Video and further down this post is the list of items I used and a few more hints, tips and photos.
Apologies the film has come out slightly dark. Back to the drawing board lol!

This is the workings for the smooth sliding of the card. When placing your double sided foam strips down make sure you stick them around the edge of the die cut so the tabs are not blocked from sliding up to the front of the card opening.

When sizing your strip make sure you leave a little space by the tabs before sticking down the film strip that way when you pull out the strip you will see all your photo's

If you stick your film strip on the line of the tabs you wont be able to see the last photo properly!

I had also made a couple more cards using the camera die and used different techniques from Painting with the IndigoBlu Artist's Acrylic Paint, Embossing paste and stencil, and a few of the IndigoBlu Stamp set to decorate them.

I love to read your comments and hope you visit again soon. xx


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