Thursday 21 July 2016

IndigoBlu Inspiration Piece - Summer Florals

Hello to you and many thanks for popping by today.

IndigoBlu have a new challenge up and running so I am here today to Inspire you to have a go at entering one of your own creations. 
For each monthly challenge, we a super prize for the winner as well as asking them to create an Inspirational  piece for the next challenge. 
The DT also get to choose three other entries and those people are asked to create an inspiration piece ready for the next challenge. 

The Theme this month is SUMMER FLORAL's and as soon as I read the title I though about Flip Flops (summer sandals).
So an idea formed in my head about decorating a pair for my sisters granddaughter so off I went to do some shopping, ................but of course ended up buying a pair to decorate for myself as well.

So, come join me in making some summer floral embellishments to jazz up sandals.

Here is a list of the IndigoBlu products I used to make the embellishments for the sandals.

 The first thing is to wash and iron the piece of cotton material then to paint it all over with the White Gee-Soo-Good which primes the material ready for the artwork. 
Either leave this to dry overnight or dry it with a heat tool.

 Once the cotton material is dry, stamp on the images, (and use a stencil if you have one). 
I used the Black Gee-Soo-Good for the Sunflowers & English Cottage Artist Acrylic Paints Wimberry Pie for the Roses, Hunter Green for the leaves.
I then brought in Cinderella & Townhouse Teal for the Laurel leaf stencil.

I then painted all the flowers and leaves, mixing up a few of the colours to create different shades. 
Did you know these paints are also Fabric paints? 
(Once the paint is dry, sandwich the material between some copy paper and iron to set the paint)!

 By this time Cookie came into my craft studio looking to see why his tea wasn't being served!

One the painted images were completely dry I cut them all out and gave them a coat of Slap-It-on Glossy to seal the cut edges. 

When the 1st coat of  Slap-it-on was dry, I painted on another coat and molded the sunflower over small pots and left them to dry.
The pink roses had the same treatment with the Slap-it-on but I pinched the rose in the middle to crease them and put a peg on the back to hold the creases in.

I felt the sunflowers needed a bit more depth so I die cut some felt to stick between the sunflowers. 

  Small seed beads were added in circles to the center of the top sunflowers. The first circle was with a mixture of gold yellow & black beads. The middle circle was filled tiny gold beads and the centre circle was filled with the three coloured beads.
I haven't taken a photo, but the small roses were sprinkled with lilac glitter.

What do you think of my Sunflower & Peg shoes then? Do you think they will catch on, become best sellers Lol!

I used E6000 glue to attach the flowers to the shoes and used pegs to hold everything in place until the glue dried.

I'm hoping Ava likes her shoes. I will let you know if there is any interest!

I'm really happy with my shoes. Just waiting for the British sunshine to show itself again.

Once flower embellishments were stuck in place I gave them one last coat of glossy Slap-it-on.

I hope that this blog post has given you some inspiration to try something new.
Take care and Happy Stamping xx


  1. Wow, wow , wow, Sue! These are unbelievable gorgeous. And watch all the process, amazing. I love love the Sunflowers one, hoping you can show them under the sun pretty soon!

    1. Hello Gio, Thank you so much for popping by and leaving me your comments.
      We are having a bit of a heat wave here in the UK, so I have been wearing the 'Sunflowers'.
      Will try and take a photo once I paint my toenails lol xx

  2. What a fun idea Sue, and I love that your cat came to see what you were up to (fab excuse to buy more shoes too, I'll have to try that one 😉!) xxx

    1. Hi Claire, Cookie (my cat), likes to supervise me at times lol.
      I would love to see the shoes if you get the time to make yourself some. Thanks for stopping by xx


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