Wednesday 20 January 2016

"Sticky Notes" have so many uses!

Good Afternoon one and all. 
What a cold frosty morning I woke up to this morning!
I have to say that the frost, although cold, is really beautiful. 
The spiders webs look as if they have icing sugar sprinkled on them, and when I ventured outside to top up the bird food, my feet crunched their way across the white & frosty blades of grass.
I think the rest of the day will be in my craft room looking out of my window to see if the sun can sneak through for a while.

Taking of crafts, here is a little project I made just before Christmas but been unable to share it with you until now.

Sticky Note Holders with Matching Pens
Here is a way to use those little calendars you may have purchased and were not sure what to do with them all!

As you can see from the photo there are so many ways you can decorate these sticky notes. I chose to make a holder for them with a high back panel so that a pen could be attached so that you would have everything to hand, by your home phone or at work etc.
The pen for each of these notepads has been decorated with the same paper as on the holder.

I keep one in my craft room and use the sticky notes for :-

*Masking when I am stamping 
*Punching out shapes, say if I want to create a background such as a sunset or clouds in the sky.
*Use the sticky edge for holding your thinlits dies in place
*Use one to Flag a project /photo you have seen in your craft magazines, books

There are so many uses for these sticky notes in your craft space, let alone using them in your everyday life............................

You can make a bunch of these for very little cost and they make wonderful little presents or even send them as greetings cards with a little extra.
I have made so many of these to give away to both male and female friends and each time I have received really positive feedback.

Here are a couple of different, smaller designs I made using Stamps and Embossing powders to make the embellishments.


Hope you have enjoyed reading this post and give this idea a go for yourself.

Below are a few more photo's of the Note holders with pens. Don't forget you can decorate these in so many different ways. 
Raid your old jewellery, dig out some of those forgotten embellishments.

Have fun and Happy Crafting xx






  1. These are super Sue and such a good idea for using the small calendars along with Post It Notes. Look forward to making something similar when I am home. Have a pack of 12 Calendars somewhere. Hugs xxxx

    1. Hello Christine, Thanks so much for stopping by. They are also a good way to use up those bits and pieces all us crafters seem to collect. Hope the sun is still shining for you xx

  2. Great idea. I love the idea of the back piece with the calendar on it - so clever x x

    1. Thanks so much Michelle. Its great that you have taken the time to stop by and leave me your comment. Hope to see you here again xx


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