Sunday 4 December 2016

Glisten & Sparkle above and below the sea!

Hello Everyone, i'm back today with a inspiration piece for the IndigoBlu Blog Challenge called Glisten & Sparkle.
My first inspiration piece was a Christmas Card and i'm guessing that's what most people would think of doing so near to Christmas, but this time round I wanted to do something different.
Martin and I went traveling around New Zealand at the beginning of the year and one of the things I remember most was the times we spent by the sea and lakes and the way the sun shone on the water making it look as if there were diamonds floating on top and the way the sun shone through the water into the sea so I thought I would try and show this in my inspiration piece for Glisten and Sparkle. 

As my idea was set around water I pulled out the IndigoBlu stamp set 'Under the Sea', and stamped the images onto Acetate with Black Stazon and painted them with most colours of my Luscious powders mixed with some slap it on. (This helps the colour adhere to a slick surface such as acetate).

With the frame im using I gave it a coat of Gee-Soo Good in white then when it was dry I painted the frame with Blue Luscious Powder and added Sheffield Steel Mega Flake in patches. 

I used a sea-life mould with paper clay to make some embellishments to give the picture a more 3D feel.

Stamped images and die cuts were added to the background piece of card coloured with inks then that was overlaid with stamped and coloured images on acetate.
The acetate waves were highlighted with the SS Mega Flakes in three layers then small diamond gems were added.

The acetate layers were wrapped around the base card in a slight dome. Once all were attached I put this into the frame then added a sentiment at the top of the frame and added a little bottle with a message to the bottom of the frame along with more acetate images.

Many thanks for taking a look. 
Sue xx

Don't forget if you long on to the IndigoBlu blog page not only will you find all the information for the current and past challenges but there is also an online shop.

       Gee-Soo Good (White)                 Under The Sea

Luscious Powders


  1. so much sparkle and shine sue - beautiful - and I love the photos xx

    1. Thank you Rachel, its quite hard to capture something so beautiful as the sun glistening on the sea. xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look Karen and for following me. Big Hugs xx

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  4. Wow, a marvellous artwork, Sue. And inspired by a beautiful land!


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