Tuesday 14 July 2015

My Inspiration piece for this months IndigoBlu Blog Challenge.

Hello there Everyone, thanks for stopping by.

Last month, I submitted a card for the IndigoBlu Blog challenge and it was picked as one of the Top Three by the IndigoBlu Design Team. Well, talk about being excited, but even more so, when I was asked to create an Inspirational piece for this months challenge 'Flutterby'.
If you have a minute, go over to the blog and take a look. Lots of inspiration on offer. 
Why not enter something yourself, there's still time and you could be in with a chance to win  one of the new IndigoBlu's stamps!

So after a while of thinking about what I could do with the IndigoBlu butterfly stamps, I decided to do a canvas picture.
When it comes to crafting I do tend to hoard bits and pieces and the empty rolls from double                                              sided tape sprang to mind for this project.                                                                                                                        

So off  I went and painted the canvas with white Gee-Sso paint then once that was nearly dry I used some of the English Cottage Paints (Townhouse Teal,Grandma's Teacup, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin and Pink Iced Gems) as a wash to add a coloured base. Once this was dry I mixed some more paint with water until it was runny enough to drip down the canvas. I then moved on to cover the rolls with glitter giving the canvas time to dry.
Once I finished getting glitter everywhere I went back to the canvas and gave it a thin coat of Snow White paint! Great shimmer and it also toned down the runs of paint!

The next step was to create the butterflies which I did using Art Parts modeling film in white. (This is such a clever film, it softens when heated up with the heat gun and you can add movement making your stamped images more realistic)! I inked up the Big Butterfly and Dinky Flutterby Stamps with several different colours of StaZon inks then cut out the images. Once I had finished giving them a little heat gun treatment I dusted the butterflies with several colours of Mica powders and added tiny beads to the bodies! 

Once the butterflies were finished I laid them out on the canvas with the rings to see how everything looked, but felt something was missing, so out came my stencils and paste to add texture, still not quite happy I added some silver thread.
 Much better!

Before gluing everything into place, I decided to add a few paint splats to the canvas in Townhouse Teal.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and to end it here are a couple of close ups of the finished canvas.

Take care and Happy Crafting, Sue xx



  1. WOW WOW WOW....... this is absolutely gorgeous!!! congratulations on having a "top three" pick, as well as being asked to make an inspirational project!! This is fabulous, and definitely inspiring! Thank you for sharing the process!!

  2. Hello Tris, Thank you for leaving me such a lovely comment! Its made my day! Sue xx

  3. this is so gorgeous!! I love the butterflies.=)


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