Sunday 5 April 2015

My kind of recycling. Altered Glass Bottles!

Hello and Welcome back to my Craft Blog!

So I was doing some recycling the other day and decided to hang on to the empty sherry bottle (Not mine by the way) as it was such a lovely blue colour!

I had a couple of ideas forming in my head and as soon as I had some time to myself I sat down and started to experiment!
Out came my IndigoBlu Paints & Gesso, some Texture Paste & Masks, Kroma Crackle Gel, Micro Beads, old jewellery and so much more...............!

Happy Easter Sunday to you! xx

The Altered Bottle in all its Glory!

So to begin..........Wash the bottle out and remove label if you can!
 Paint bottle with GeeSoo-Good (Gesso) to  give the other paints a Key to adhere to!
I chose to use black to give the base a darker look!

Start adding texture to the bottle, I used some Dreamweaver embossing paste,
through a mask to give the bottle a pattern and add texture!

I then added White GeeSoo paint to cover up most of the black!

I then mixed up  some Kroma Crackle and  Acrylic Paint. ( Grandmas Teacup colour).
(I did this as Kroma Crackle dries white)
I added this to certain parts of the bottle in a thick layer to make sure it came out in large cracked areas and a thinner layer in other areas!

This is what happens to the thick layer of Kroma Crackle & Paint!

I then used the pearl paints, Sleeping Beauty and Snow white to paint all over the bottle, then went back over and blended the two colours together to get different colour effects!
I then added some chipboard pieces I cut out using my Sizzix Die, and painted with Sleeping Beauty! I then added some Cream coloured Roses from my stash and gave them the Snow White treatment and added a dusting of Blue Mica Powder!

Close up of Paint, Paste and Crackle effects

Now the fun part. Adding old jewellery and some painted metal embellishments.
The embellishments were cut to size and painted with white GeeSoo Good!
I find Crystal effects works brilliantly to stick down all sorts of hard materials!

I covered the top of the bottle with Lace and found a small silver Bezel, filled it with Crystal effects, placed a small resin flower in the middle and filled up the remaining space with tiny white sequins .

In some of the empty spaces,I added more crystal effects and Tiny Glass Beads. I also added the glass beads to the top of the bottle neck and the bottom rim of the bottle! Once dry I painted over them with the Snow White paint!
Top of the Bottle

To finish off the bottle I added flat backed pearls and dusted over the bottle with Mica powders in white and blue to add a bit of shimmer!

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look today! Hope you stop by again! xx


  1. Beautiful! I have some colored bottles that I'm going to use your gesso techniques on. Don't want to paint the whole bottle. Can't wait to get started. Thanks for the teaching.

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  3. So pretty! Thanks for sharing your technique.


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