Tuesday 16 January 2018

'Explore your Creativity'

Hello to you. 
Today I would like to share a tag with you. Its one I created for a Facebook group I am part of Junk Journal Junkies and Mindful Art. 
We have a Fortnightly challenge called 'Explore our Creativity' and the criteria is A TECHNIQUE,  A PRODUCT  and A COLOUR. 
So for this challenge running until 22nd January the Technique is – Layering, the Product is -making your own Washi tape and the Colour is -Monochrome (Varying tones of one colour) your choice of colour and its to be done on a TAG.

Supplies used for this challenge
Now onto how I put the tag together
The first thing I did was to give the tag and the tape couple of coats of Gee-S00-good to seal them and create a good base for the paints to adhere to.

I then mixed up some of the Wimberry Pie Paint with the Gee-Soo-good to get three tones of the paint to decorate the tape

 Part of the tag was painted with the Wimberry Pie paint then I used the Bubble stencil across the middle of the tag to create the next layer.

 Whilst waiting for the paste to dry I created a background paper using a wash of colour for the background then stamped images with the paint in different tones to create another layer for the tag.

 Using watered down tones of colour I let them drip down the tag then sprayed it with water to soften the colour and run between the bubbles

 The handmade Washi Tape and paper was ripped up ready to be stuck in place creating further layers.

 The odd bits of Washi tape left over were stuck onto a piece of paper which I then used to punch out a flower shape.

 The flower was built up in layers and the white pen used to add a little detail

Watered down paint was used to colour the ribbon keeping to the Monochrome theme.

 So looking at the finished tag I would say there were at least four layers, Paint, Stencilled bubbles, background paper, handmade washi tape, but of course some of these were layered up again as in the flower.

I will put on a sentiment when I know who I am going to give this to and maybe add a little bling.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and have a go for yourself.
Happy Crafting and take care.
Sue xx


  1. Lovely clear description of how to make this beautiful tag. Might have another go now, if I had some "medical tape" whatever that is.

    1. Thanks so much Pat. So people call it Microporous Surgical Tape, its easy to tear to secure dressings. Mine was out of date so I found another way to use it by making Washi Tape.

  2. amazing Sue, great to see the step by step

  3. Great step by step tutorial Sue - thank you. Wish I had seen this yesterday before I had a go myself!!!

    1. Thanks so much Susan. I saw your tag and it was brilliant xx


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