Sunday 18 September 2016

Alexandra Palace, fondly know as Ally Pally!

On Friday Martin and I traveled up to London so that I could go to the Craft Show at Ally Pally as IndigoBlu had a stand there.
It was touch and go as to us going as I was so nervous about meeting Kay Halliwell-sutton and Jenny Marples for the first time but I am so glad I did go.
Both Jenny and Kay were so welcoming even though they were both rushed off their feet with Demo's, workshops and answering all sorts of questions and queries. Alfie H-S was doing a sterling job manning the till. Suffice to say I managed to buy a few extra bits that "I really needed"!

 Kay and Jenny
 Front of the IndigoBlu stand where Kay was demonstrating and I spied a few of my projects 
Alfie and Kay H-S. Husband and Wife team. Such lovely friendly people

I have to say, not sure what I expected to see, but I wasn't expecting this. 
The building is very grand, quite a few steps leading up to the Palm Court entrance and the landscape around is lovely. The car park was hidden behind tree's so it really didn't feel that it was going to be that busy. (I have only ever been to the National Indoor Arena (NIA) in Birmingham for Craft Shows before so I suppose I was thinking on those lines about this show.) No comparison at all!



The day was a busy one and at times a bit hectic. (It doesn't show that here as I took the photo's when I left the building)!
As I didn't have a ticket I joined the queue to purchase one then was able to make my way into the hall. Now to find the IndigoBlu Stand! I decided to walk down the center and towards the Hochanda stand and soon found the IndigoBlu Stand.
Everyone was so busy, I could see that Jenny's workshop was coming to an end so went over to see her first. I said 'Hello' and it was lovely that she recognized me. I then spoke brifly to Alfie and with hands trembling went and said hello to Kay. Why was I so worried. Both Jenny and Kay welcomed me and are really lovely ladies. 
As they were so busy I said I would pop back later to see them. I went off to see what else was at the show then messaged Jannet Blay whom I knew was there with her Mum and we arranged to meet up. It was lovely to meet someone else who shares the same love for the IndigoBlu products. Jannet is also a newbie, she is on the International team and creates the most wonderful pieces. Check out this project, very special.
So after looking around the show for several hours, buying a few pieces, checking out a few more stands, taking photos of some wonderful pieces I went back to the IndigoBlu stand and managed to have another quick chat with everyone and asked if I could take a few photos.


By 3pm I had arranged to meet Martin outside so I said my Goodbyes and went outside to start our journey back home.
Happy Crafting xx


  1. looks like a wonderful day - never been to ally pally but one day!!! I'm looking forward to seeing all at Port Sunlight on Oct 1st!!! So glad you had fun Sue! Hugs rachel x

    1. Thanks Rachel it was lovely to met Kay and Jenny. Have fun at Port Sunlight xx


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