Sunday 20 September 2015

A little pot of 'Wow' - Brusho Crystal Paints

Hello to you and thanks for stopping by.
A few weeks ago I purchased some little pots of Brusho's and I have been having so much fun with them.

So just to remind you, this is what they look like. 


For anyone who hasn't heard of these yet they are a unique, transparent, highly pigmented water-colour ink crystal powder. They react with water so they can be used in so many different ways. They are permanent so a word of warning, don't get any on your clothes and be prepared for inky fingers!

I wanted to know at a glance what each colour looked like so I punched out a small scallop circle, used double sided tape to attach one scallop to each little tub, then took a pokey tool to make 2/3 holes in each tub. (Please don't be tempted to take the tops off the tubs as the powder is so fine, one sneeze and it will go everywhere)!
One or two taps on the upturned tub will result in some of the powder coming out. I mixed this with a little water to get the colour to paint the scallop top.

Using Brusho's is so easy to make quick backgrounds for cards. Just sprinkle powder onto card (I used different types to see what the effects would be on watercolor paper, Glossy card and Stampin Up Whisper White Thick card stock), spray with water and watch the magic happen!

Once the backgrounds are dry you can stamp on them, I used StaZon Ink, and add decorations. For the card above I used Die cuts, and the card below I stamped the poppies then painted them in with the red Brusho paint slightly watered down. Once this was dry I went over the poppy heads with crystal effects and added little yellow beads into the centers of some of the heads.


This was a mini Canvas frame I sprinkled Brusho's onto and sprayed with water. Once dry a flower was added along with some gems.

Another way is to add the Brusho's to embossing paste to create a new colour for your project using masks!


                As I said, you can do so much with these little pots, you just need to let your                                                                                         imagination flow!

                                                                          Happy Crafting xx

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