Monday 26 January 2015

Northan Craft Fest

Happy Monday and a Belated Happy New Year to you!

January is moving along so quickly and I haven't been doing any blogging this year as I have been tied up with other things but I wanted to start again and I thought I would share with you the Christmas Present my Husband organised for me! A CRAFT FEST!

So what was all that about a few of my friends asked me!
Let me explain!
After taking our daughter back to University in Nottingham we carried onto the first craft shop on the list that Martin had put together for my present!

The Craft Box
Wath Road, Elsecar, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S74 8HJ

The shop is situated inside the Elsecar Heritage Center.
Once you walk through the door you are Welcomed by a bright and colourful shop that is a crafters heaven!
(I have to say that this shop was one of my favorites on the trip and the one I spent the most in)! If you are in this neck of the woods, please take time to visit! You will not be disappointed! 

So before I show you the goodies I purchased at this shop, here are a few photo's of the interior!

Front Desk looking towards the front of the shop
For those of you who enjoy Sewing!

Towards the back of the shop. Card & Papers

The Knit and Natter Corner

One of my favorite sights! Inks and Ranger products!

The shop had so much to offer and my time was running out as Martin walked into the shop and asked how much longer I would be! Could I really have been looking for an hour?
Within the shop there was also a separate workshop area where they hold regular crafty sessions!

As I had a budget to (try) stick to I really had to hold back but here is what I ended up purchasing!

So the day was nearing the end and we had a hour or so's drive to the hotel Martin had booked for the night!

This photo was taken the following morning as it was dark when we arrived! You can just make out Martin waving!
Onto the next Craft Shop Yah! (more to follow)!


  1. Thank you sue for advertising that you had a good experience when you visited the Craftbox!
    We hope to see you again soon x

  2. Ohhhh I am envious. I will definitely put this on my list of places to visit if I'm back up that way. Glad you enjoyed yourself and I cannot wait to see what you create with all of your goodies!

  3. You have a 'Man in a Million' with Martin, such a lovely thought and well planned idea. So pleased you enjoyed yourself and as Gina has said, I can't wait to see what you create with those lovely goodies.
    Hugs x


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